Company Profile:-

POLESTAR GROUP, JAY INDUSTRIES SYMBOL, JAY TRANSPORT SYMBOL are Situated At Ankleshwar, India,Is An Integrated, Pharmaceuticals That Produces A Wide Range Of high-quality, affordable active drug ingredients.

With a team of dedicated scientists, oue R&D department provides efficient processes for off-patent products. our goal is to maximize on the production of active ingredients by discovering new ways to manufacture, without compromising quality.

Having clients all over the world, we assume a great level of corporate responsibility. Adhering to quality production standards across the globe,polestar takes pride in being a true international supplier of high-quality pharmaceuticals.

By constantly evaluating new drugs for production, we demonstrate our ability to meet challenges in different sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

we encourage you to view our current product catalogue, as well as the list of products under development. These have been included to provide you with a deeper understanding of our diversification.

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Mission & Values:-



Provide Affordable high-quality active drug ingredients to the pharmaceutical industries.


at POLESTAR, we follow five basic values which guide the way we produce and supply high-quality pharmaceuticals:

  • ¬†Ensure Quality

for POLESTAR, quality is everything, we value high production standards above all else.

  • Offer competitive Pricing

Although We take no shortcuts to maintain the best quality materials,we understand the importance of offering our product at competitive rates. we, therefore,strive to keep costs low.

  • ¬†Work Ethically

We work relentlessly to meet all ethical standards both within our production units and our sales offices.

  • Maintain Open Communication

In Order to be productive, we work hard to keep communication lines open with our employees, clients and vendors.

  • Trust and Respect Others

To ensure a pleasant work environment, we value our employees and hard work to make Polestar the best. No job is small with in the POLESTAR family.


While we, at POLESTAR, constantly Strve to achieve more,the below list demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Achievement. ISO certified company.

. validated Systems And Processes.

. independent Quality Control Systems.

. Well-established R&D Laboratory.

. Recurring exports to regulated markets.

These Achievements were Possible were possible Only by holding to our values, and our mission further encourages us to be the best partner for our clients.